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How To Get Your RV Backup
Shipped To You For Free!

If you would like to order an RV Backup Generator and get it shipped without paying ANY shipping costs, please read the important message below.

Here's the deal:

To get your RV Backup shipped to you for $1697.00 instead of $1847. ($1697.00 plus $150.00 shipping and handling) simply pay by check or money order rather than use your credit card.

Here's why?

You see, the credit card processing company that clears RV Backup transactions charges a substantial fee to actually process each charge. In addition, they also hold a reserve of 10 percent of the sale or in this case about $150.00 and return it to us in six months. Since that's about what we end up making on a sale… we have to wait six months for our money! That makes it really tough to pay the help, not to mention our taxes.

So, if you would like to pay with a check or money order and save the shipping charges simply click the "Buy Now" button with free shipping below. This button opens an order form in pdf format so you can print out an order form that allows you to pay only $1697.00.

Then fill out the "free shipping" order form and enclose a check or money order and send to:

Solutions From Science
Attention: RV Backup
815 W. Main St.
P.O. Box 518
Thomson, IL 61285

One more thing. It's important. Many folks call and want to trade gold coins for RV Backup. For the most part, we are happy to oblige. Simply call 877-327-0365 and tell whoever answers that you would like to do a "gold swap."

Even better. If you would like to come and pick up your generator, you can save even more with a gold swap. Call for details. We're pretty easy to find here in Thomson.  (Located on Main St. across from City Hall and the Police Station.)

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